car loan approval process

Financing loans for all credit types

Auto loans are difficult to obtain for Canadians with poor credit, no credit, or questionable credit histories. We work with clients to create acceptable options to get your financing application approved and your vehicle funded.

car loan approval process
guaranteed car loan financing

Need loan financing for a new or pre-owned vehicle?

Credi Canada is helping drivers reach their destinations, especially individuals with bad credit, no credit, or questionable credit histories.

We explain how to get a car loan with bad credit, guide you through the whole process and payment terms, and guarantee it's much simpler than you think. Clients who have not been able to secure financing from other financial institutions should contact us right away.

guaranteed car loan financing

Simple process to get your loan approved

With over a 90% approval rate, our 3 step process can get you approved as well as transfer your funds to finance a vehicle in the same day.

  • Bill of Sale

    A bill of sale is a document that transfers ownership of a car from the seller to the buyer and lending corporations.

  • Loan Disbursement

    Once approved, we are able to transfer your financed funds in the same day, getting you on the road faster.

  • Prepayment Terms

    We work with you to ensure you are able to pay off your loan quickly while reducing your financial burden.

Highest loan approval rate in the Greater Toronto Area

  • 90%

    Approval Rate

  • 98.6%

    Closing Ratio

  • $55.5+

    Millions Loaned

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Secure your loan with us

Our individual based assessment of each case enables us to work outside the box, providing you a quick, smooth, and efficient approval process aligned with reasonable prepayment terms. Give us a try by seeing our simple, short application. Apply online today and get approved same day!

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Apply for a car finance loan

Regardless of your credit history, we find ways to approve your loan and send funds within the same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credi Canada is committed to helping drivers, including those with questionable credit histories, reach their destinations.

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  • 1. Can I make extra payments towards my loan?
  • 2. Can I pay out my loan before the end of the term?
  • 3. Can I postpone or delay an upcoming payment?
  • 4. Can I stop payments during my finance term?
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Using CrediCanada was the easiest and simplest way for my loan to get approved while also receiving the funds the same day. Would highly recommend!

Trisha G.

Short application process, get approved in minutes.