Why CrediCanada?

We are direct subprime and non-traditional Canadian lender that value service, dedication and long-term relationship.

  • Every Deal is Unique

    Using our unique approach to every auto finance application, we are the most flexible when it comes to getting your auto loan approved.

  • Blazingly Fast Response

    We are always quick and responsive to assist with any steps along the way, consistently present whenever you need help.

  • Clear Communication is Key

    Always avaialble for a phone call regarding auto finance loans, just send us an email or reach us by phone.

  • Simply High Approval Process

    We have high closing ratios and our approvals are consistently high, finding options for clients in almost all situations.

  • Backed by Trust

    We have the resources to lend for most car financing applications, often able to send funds in the same business day.

  • Proudly Canadian

    Our roots are from the country we live and love. Our affiliations are with bonded with Canadian trusted enterprises for complete trust.

  • Generous Agreements

    We reward our dealers heftly as appreaction for their trust in us and aim to constantly build our ongoing business relationship.

  • Highest Ratios in the Industry

    Our track record shows that we have a consistently high closing ratio on accounts. It's in our best interest to have balanced fully paid off.

Highest loan approval rate in the Greater Toronto Area

  • 90%

    Approval Rate

  • 98.6%

    Closing Ratio

  • $55.5+

    Millions Loaned

Find out how we can assist your dealer business

Credi Canada is helping drivers reach their destinations including those individuals with various questionable credit history.

  • 1. What documents do you need to submit auto finance applications?

    We require Bill of Sale or worksheet including the complete credit application. You may also print and forward us requests from DealerTrack. If you have a copy of client Driver’s License and any other supporting documentation such as pay-stubs, please do so as well to speed up approval process.

  • 3. How quick do you make decision on auto loan requests?

    As quickly as possible and In most cases less than an hour, same business day. Any auto financing requests made after 6:00 PM will be replied back the next business day, usually before noon (12:00 PM).

  • 5. What’s next after the customer has signed your paperwork?

    After we have received the satisfactory form of insurance confirmation, we then install a GPS tracking device, provide you with Power of Attorney and Wholesale Bill of Sale. When the vehicle registration has been transferred, simply fax or email us the Wholesale Bill of Sale, Ownership, and Safety certificate, along with any third party warranty you may have sold for funding.

  • 7. Is there a limit to how much a customer can borrow for a car loan?

    The amount a client can borrow for a car loan depends on their income, current credit score, and the value of the car they're interested in purchasing.

  • 2. How do we submit an auto finance request for credit decision?

    Simply fax us at 1-833-912-7334 or send an email request with the necessary information at dealers@credicanada.ca

  • 4. How do you book deals?

    Every deal is assessed on an individual basis. We work with you and your customers to ensure the smoothest and easiest approval that process that works best for all parties involved.

  • 6. How quick and how do we get funded?

    If paperwork is received before 5:00 PM, you will get funds transferred the same day via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Otherwise, next business day, usually before noon (12:00 PM).

  • 8. Does the customer need to have a credit history?

    In some situations we can approve loans even if clients don't have a solid credit history. It is best to contact one of our finance professionals to receive a quick answer about a potential deal.

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CrediCanada helped our dealership finance 38% more vehicles in such a short time, my only regret is not using their auto finance and lending solutions sooner.

Gonzalo Ricardo Caldas

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